September 29, 2016

A Gun Is Nearly a Hug Spelled Backwards 

     I agree with E.M.Forester's idea that personal relations are more important than patriotism because personal relations are pretty much crucial in life. I believe that patriotism is also imortant but personal relations should be chosen over patriotism anyday of the week. Personal relations are mostly important for our own well being because we as humans always feel like we should have this kind of connection with someone and if you have people you can do that with then I would say you are probably more happy than someone who decided to not have any personal connections. Personal connections are on a level that patriotism can never get to because of how complex personal relations are. Patriotism is great and all but it's not as practical as personal relations for your life in the long run. 

1 comment:

  1. I believe "important" is spelled wrong and there's a comma after important. You should probably put a period after someone to make a pause from that long sentence. Then continue the sentence. Other than that, I think all is good!😄👍