February 8, 2017

Gatsby chaper test 1-4

How does Nick describe himself? 
What is the thing that preys on Gatsby that nick refers to in page 2? 
Where is the valley of ashes?
Why has Nick not said anything to daisy about Tom's mistress? 
Why does Nick pay so close attention to what goes on in Gatsby's house ? 
Why does Nick go to the cocktail table ?
Is Gatsby lying about going to Oxford ? 
Why does Gatsby keep calling Tom "sport" ?

January 11, 2017

Hello 2017!

     Since last year I've grown to be more independent and I've grown to be more artistic. Since last year I grown to be a person who in general is cool with everyone because I learned that everyone has something to offer and shutting them off only messes me up in the long run. I look at everything as an art now which was something I wasn't seeing last year.

December 1, 2016

Jimmy Santiago

After reading Jimmy Santiago's Immigrants in our own land I thought that it was a very descriptive insight on how life is for someone that is facing life behind bars. I like how he is giving us some idea of how an overlooked group of people feel. To me this is the best kind of writing, the kind that exposes life through other peoples eyes. I like how I can't relate to what is said in the poem but I can feel everything he says life as if I was actually going through it. I'm having troubles coming up with what the over all theme is for this poem is. The tone is very serious tone that really makes you think as you read through the poem. The devices he uses play a huge role in the impact of this poem, I think that they create some powerful mental images that really give you a sense of what life is on the other side.

September 29, 2016

A Gun Is Nearly a Hug Spelled Backwards 

     I agree with E.M.Forester's idea that personal relations are more important than patriotism because personal relations are pretty much crucial in life. I believe that patriotism is also imortant but personal relations should be chosen over patriotism anyday of the week. Personal relations are mostly important for our own well being because we as humans always feel like we should have this kind of connection with someone and if you have people you can do that with then I would say you are probably more happy than someone who decided to not have any personal connections. Personal connections are on a level that patriotism can never get to because of how complex personal relations are. Patriotism is great and all but it's not as practical as personal relations for your life in the long run.